We are Christian moms who want to faithfully raise uP our next generation.

 We know the nervous anticipation of a new school or a new grade, the hand-wringing during a difficult year, the hopeful gratitude when our kids have good days, and the sleepless nights when they struggle. Most of all, we know the joy of watching our kids grow in wisdom, kindness, and faith and we long for even more of that- for all of us.

you don't have to do this alone.

From kindergarten to senior year, we believe Guilford County is better when moms are connected, encouraged, and supported. In turn, we are able to offer connection, encouragement, and support to our students, teachers, and staff in the name of Jesus. That’s what Gathered is all about.

Link arms with us through three simple steps:



We know you get enough email from your schools already. We promise not to add to the clutter! We'll send one email a month including parenting encouragement, tips and tricks, and information on our quarterly gatherings.



Four times a year we gather for county- wide events designed to unite, uplift, and empower. At each event, we offer time to mingle, worship, learn, and discuss the Christian public school mom journey. We would love for you to join us!



You were created on purpose with purpose and your presence in the public school is not by default. If you'd like to learn how you can uniquely and intentionally live out your faith, right where He has you, click below.