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Is Gathered for Guilford a prayer group like moms in prayer?

While prayer is a vital part of what God is doing in and through this ministry, Gathered is not a "prayer group". Our events will include prayer, worship, teaching, and fellowship.

ARE TEACHERS (or administrators or other school staff) also invited to Gathered?

Yes. We long to build unity between ALL the believers in and around our schools! While our content will primarily be directed towards public school moms, we welcome any woman who is involved in Guilford County's public schools and we believe all such women benefit from the encouragement and vision Gathered has to offer.

Can public-school dads/men participate in Gathered?

Unfortunately, the events and community of Gathered are only for women, but our hope is that men's lives will be impacted as the women around them are encouraged and empowered to thrive in their roles and within their school communities.

My kids are still preschool-aged but I am curious about public school. Is Gathered for me?

Yes! No matter the ages of your kids, if you are interested in the public school journey as a Christian mom, we hope Gathered will offer you an honest and hopeful perspective on that journey.

My children attend a Christian school/private school/homeschool. Would Gathered be a good fit for me too?

You are more than welcome to check us out! While our content is geared specifically to the heart, mind, and experience of a public school mom, there will certainly be material and encouragement that is applicable across schooling types.

I am not a Christian but I am interested in Gathered. Can I still be involved?

Absolutely. While our mission and messaging will be centered around Jesus Christ, people from any (or no) faith background are always welcome to gather with us. There is room at the table.

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