Cadillac Service Garage- photo by Freeman Fotographics

Cadillac Service Garage- photo by Freeman Fotographics

Looking for ways to connect this summer?

While our next quarterly gathering is not until September, there are still ways to link arms with us over the break!


GATHER YOUR PEOPLE and come paint with US!

This will be a fun and simple way to serve as a family! Don’t worry, if your kids (or you!) can’t be trusted with a paint brush, there will be other less-skilled tasks as well. Side note: we will have some supplies on hand, but please bring any rollers/ brushes/ painting gear that you have around the house!


grab a copy of this book, soak it in, and then let’s chat.

“In the span of God’s wide and rowdy family, we all belong to one another and there is no such thing as other people’s children.” Shannan Martin’s words will challenge and inspire you, and then together we’ll talk about how we can live out this truth in our homes, schools, and community.


Curious about our quarterly Gathered events?

While each one is unique, our Gathered events will always include time to mingle and connect with other moms, prayer, some form of worship, and a speaker(s) to offer wisdom and encouragement.

2019-2020 Events

Dates coming soon!

Check out our amazing event space!

The Cadillac Service Garage is an industrial urban loft event venue in downtown Greensboro and we couldn't be more thrilled to host Gathered in this unique and beautiful space. Click on their logo to see more!